Wednesday, August 23, 2017
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Countries with coral reefs must do more on climate change – UNESCO

Until now, most countries have interpreted their responsibility over reefs as the need to protect them from local threats such as water pollution and overfishing.

Pacific Bauxite accused of tricking Solomon Islanders over mining rights

A government has been overthrown and local landowners have taken to blocking the roads with stones, and even reportedly confronting miners with bows and arrows.

World rugby needs to consider radical step to help out Pacific Island nations

The vast majority of Pacific Islanders in the Wallabies squad, for example, are Australian-born sons of migrants, or migrated to Australia at a young age.

38 million pieces of plastic waste found on uninhabited South Pacific island

Henderson Island in the Pitcairn group is covered by 18 tonnes of plastic – the highest density of anthropogenic debris recorded anywhere in the world.

PNG seeks to play down UN suspension

Papua New Guinea’s government claims its failure to pay annual dues to the United Nations was an administrative error.

Russian millionaire details plans for new Romanov empire on Pacific islands

A Russian millionaire is in advanced talks with the Kiribati Government to lease three uninhabited islands and establish an alternative Russia.

OPINION: Climate policy being held hostage by vested interests

In Australia and the US, sound climate policy is being held hostage by vested interests.