Monday, May 22, 2017
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Cyclone damage reported in Temotu

The Solomon Islands National Emergency Operations Centre confirmed that four dwelling houses and twelve kitchens in Namo village collapsed.

Vietnamese blue boats crew to face court Thursday

Forty crew members of Vietnamese 'blue boats' will be dealt with by the court Thursday for failing to pay their fines for illegal fishing.

Honiara Mayor calls for reintroduction of death penalty

“We cannot keep on going and allow merciless people to take out other people’s life prematurely,” says the Mayor of Honiara.

Body of girl, 8, pulled out from crocodile’s stomach

Relatives said a girl was swimming along with two others at the water front of Rorosi river in the Solomons when a ‘monster snatched her’.

Vietnamese ‘blue boat’ owners fined $36m, 43 crew charged

The Solomon government is hoping that major fines and charges against the illegal fishing boat crews will act as a deterrent to the blue boat problem.

Vietnamese ‘blue boats’ seized in Solomon Islands waters

Three Vietnamese blue boats and 43 crew have been seized in Solomon Island waters in recent days.

Solomons Justice Minister charged over alleged traffic offence

An arrest warrant has been issued for the Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs after he failed to appear in court over an alleged traffic related charge.

Concern about lack of Bio-security machine in Solomon Islands

The Prime Minister says he’s concerned over the delay by responsible authorities to purchase a bio-security machine for the Solomons' international airport.

Solomon Islands Government warned on ‘Asian invasion’

The Solomon Islands Opposition leader has warned of a mass invasion of foreigners into business opportunities which should be left only for indigenous people.

Electoral registration in Solomon Islands to start June

Voter registration for the 2018 Elections in Solomon Islands will start in June this year.