Friday, June 23, 2017
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PACNEWS is the regional news agency of the Pacific Islands' News Association.

Flying Fijians named for Wallabies Test

Coach McKee said that the test against Australia will be a big challenge for the Flying Fijians.

Action demanded on war wrecks and nuclear contamination

SPREP’s Pollution Adviser says some of these wrecks have been identified as high risk due to the large quantities of oil in the vessels.

Coalition of countries demands shipping makes tough CO2 cuts

A coalition of Pacific Island and European countries will push to ensure the UN’s International Maritime Organisation delivers an ambitious climate deal.

Conspiracy case retrial adjourned to June

The re-trial of former Vanuatu MPs and one lawyer that are defendants of the controversial conspiracy case have been ordered to return to court on June 6.

Trade guide shines light on bad deal: PANG

The Peoples' Guide to PACER-Plus explains the murky history of the talks and the key impacts that the legal binding texts will have on people, culture, livelihoods and the environment.

Two former Vanuatu MPs to be released on parole Friday

Two jailed former MPs will be released on bail tomorrow after serving half their sentences on corruption convictions.

Signs of the times: Early warnings translate to early actions

FAO has developed a system to translate climate warnings into anticipatory actions to reduce disaster impacts on agriculture sectors.

World Ocean festival in June

The inaugural World Ocean Festival will kick off the week-long United Nations conference in June.

Pacific growth to pick up in 2017

The ADB says Pacific economies face gradually improving growth prospects in the next 12 months on the back of stronger economic fundamentals.

Melanesian nations question global responses to climate change

Global politics is not helping the focus on climate change issues in the Pacific.