Contract signing with the Ministry of Education

TWO contracts have been signed today between the Minister of Education and Training(MOET) and two different suppliers for projects under the Education Recovery Program(ERP).

Speaking to the Independent Online, Esther Tinning, the communications officer for the MOET said both projects are to reconstruct primary schools that were damaged by Pam on the island of Tanna.

“The Minister, Jean Pierre Nirua, signed the first contract with Loli Business Enterprise Limited (LBE) at a value of VT 13.5 million,” she said.

“This is for the provision of labour and management to construct new classrooms at Lapkit, Latun, Lamenaura and Yapilmai.

“The materials for the construction of these classrooms will be supplied by Port Vila Hardware whose contract was signed in June 2017.

“The logistics of these are currently underway.”

Ms Tinning said both projects are funded by the Australian Government under the DFAT Recovery Program.

“Mr Nirua signed the second contract with Sharper Image for the supply and delivery of 2000 school chairs with an amount of VT 8.12 million,” she said.

“This is mainly for classrooms currently being built under the MOET’s Education Recovery Program(ERP) on Tanna.

“This has been funded by the Australian (DFAT) and the New Zealand(MFAT) Governments under their respective recovery programs.”

Meanwhile during the signing, Minister Nirua advised the two suppliers to make sure that the projects for these schools are completed on time.

“We must not delay this because many of the children have no classrooms to learn in and are studying inside tents,” he said.

“All of these projects needs to be run smoothly and quickly.”

Mr Nirua said he took this opportunity to express his gratitude towards this winning contractors and happy celebrations to all.