170 doctors needed to fill vacancies in Fiji’s health sector

VACANCIES for 170 more doctors in Fiji have been advertised locally and internationally.

Fiji’s Permanent Secretary for Health and Medical Services, Philip Davies, said the move is aimed at easing the doctor shortage in hospitals and health centres.

Mr Davies also talked about the challenges that Fiji’s healthcare system was facing and the lack of gratitude that hardworking doctors and nurses dealt with almost on a daily basis.

“As far as doctors are concerned, we are currently advertising around 170 positions. In addition to local recruitment, we are also using the internet and social media to bring the opportunities to the notice of doctors internationally,” he said.

“The last time I checked, more than 350 people had viewed one of the advertisements that I posted on my own LinkedIn social media site.”

He said interviews for qualified doctors from India might be conducted as early as next month.

“We also expect shortly to be appointing a specialised recruitment agency in India to look for suitably qualified doctors who might be interested in coming to work in Fiji. I expect to be accompanying the Minister to conduct face-to-face interviews with the strongest candidates next month.”

Speaking about the barrage of criticisms faced by doctors and nurses on social media, Mr Davies said the good doctors and nurses did daily never get the same attention.

“We also need to remember that, for every complaint or social media post about a bad experience, our dedicated doctors, nurses and other health professionals care for literally thousands of patients every week.

“But people also need to understand that delivering health care is often very complex and things will occasionally not go as well as they should. When that happens, we need to understand why, so we are always improving,” he said.